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iNet Shaper 2.191

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iNet Shaper
Includes a Proxy server, port mapping, Remote administration, powerful user access accounting and restriction, activity logs, special user authentication utility and much more!
Compatible with Windows¿ 9x, ME, 2000 and NT4.0.
- iNet Shaper provides access only for known accounts;
- Accounts could be distinguished in the several ways: by IP address or range, by host name, or by login procedure with special authentication utility;
- Each account can be limited by internet connection speed;
- Each account can be limited by amount of traffic per time interval;
- iNet Shaper calculates the traffic generated by each account separately by services;
- Separate port mappings for different accounts at the same port;
- Internet access schedule for each account;
- Possibility to write individual internet activity logs for accounts;
- Users can audit their current internet usage statistics via web interface;
- Graphic representation of channel load in time;
- Custom set of available services and proxies for each account.
Common features:
- HTTP Proxy;
- Socks 4/5 Proxy;
- iNet Shaper can work either as an application or as NT/2000 service;
- Remote Administration;
- TCP port mapper;
- Anti-spam filter in smtp proxy;
- Logs HTTP, Socks, POP3, SMTP, HTTP via Socks, Unauthorized access, Authentication, etc.;
- Displays and tracks current channel load;
- Shows current transfer rate and connections of each account;
- Generates the detailed report of account's internet usage.

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